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Kora Taisha Shrine

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Address 〒839-0851  1 Mii-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
Access By bus - Take the No. 1 or 8 Nishitetsu Bus to the Mii Machi stop; a 30 minute walk from there Map
Area Name East Area   
Genre Historical Assets and Historic spots (Famous Places / Historic Sites)  Shrines and Temples (Famous Places / Historic Sites)  Traditional Events (Festivals and Events)  Entertainment (Festivals and Events)   
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At a height of 312 meters (1,024 feet), Mt. Kora stands on the westernmost edge of the Mino Mountain Range. On this mountain you will find Kora Taisha Shrine, a former National Shrine and a major shrine in the Chikugo region.
The construction of Kora Shrine is said to have taken place in 400 AD; it was ordained one of the highest ranking shrines in 897 AD and had an elevated rank within the Engishiki (a book of laws and regulations) as a shrine dedicated to gods worshipped at critical times.
Kora Taisha is a historical shrine in that its power of influence during the middle ages came to compete with that of central government officials sent to oversee the province. It is also known for being the place that received the prayers of Prince Kanenaga Shinno, who established a residence at the base of the mountain in the Nanboku-cho Period (1336 – 1392).
The main sanctuary, offering hall and worship hall that we see today were built by the third Kurume feudal lord Arima Yoritoshi, and each is has been deemed an Important Cultural Asset by the government.
In addition, Kora Shrine is the home to “The Tale of the Heike Ink Volume” (Government Designated Important Cultural Asset), “The Origins of Kora Taisha Shrine Colored Silk Hanging Scrolls” (Municipal Designated Cultural Asset), and other such treasures. A forest of a moso bamboo species (a designated National Natural Treasure), Kogoishi Rock (Government Designated Important Cultural Asset and Historical Site), and other precious sites are also preserved on Mt. Kora.

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