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Kurume Grilled Chicken Kebobs

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Address Throughout Kurume City
Area Name West Area  Center Area  East Area   
Genre Food and Famous Confection (Food / Souvenirs)  Yakitori (Grilled Chicken) (Gourmet and Restaurants)   
Inquiries Kurume City Tourism Promotion Division 
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Kurume Grilled Chicken Kebobs are one of Kurume’s three major casual cuisines.
Dairy farming flourishes in Kurume, and the region is a supplier of chicken as well as beef, pork, and horse meat. Since chicken meat used to be more expensive until the invention of the broiler chicken, inexpensive pork meat was eaten by laborers at grilled chicken kebob restaurants as a valuable source of protein. As a result, those restaurants feature various dishes other than chicken, such as pork back ribs, “darm” (guts), and cow or horse aortas. In fact, the origin of the name “darm” is that medical school students (of which Kurume has many, and doctors, too!) at that time used the German medical word for guts to refer to the dish. Similarly, the word “heart” is “hertz” in German, a reference to the aorta dishes.
Most of long-established grilled chicken kebob restaurants were developed from stalls, and Kurume’s grilled chicken kebobs are practically synonymous with casual food culture. At present, more than 200 grilled chicken kebob restaurants are operating in Kurume City (one of the highest densities per population in Japan). While grilled chicken kebobs are considered snacks to accomapny drinks, in Kurume they are widely loved by families and people of any age, so much so that they are even served at a celebrational parties for successful completion of elementary school events!

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